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UHY in Turkey

Our Company is a Partner of UHY which is an international network of independent auditing, consultancy, accounting and law firms. According to data of 2015, UHY has more than 325 offices in over 95 countries with upwards of 7850 staff, offering these services. With 640 million USD annual revenue, UHY International is ranked 16th among 25 largest global networks including the Big 4.

UHY International is organized under the name UHY in Turkey in Turkey, and is operating on Sworn-in Certified Public Accountancy, Auditing, Tax Consultancy, Accounting and Law through 6 offices of 4 companies.

After participation in International Network at 1998, quality of local and international services were significantly improved and has been serving clients at International Standards level since then.

UHY in Turkey Companies

It is still offering sworn-in certified public accountancy, auditing, tax law, consultancy and independent auditing by the expert staff authorized by Law No. 3568. The corporation is active since 1978 and has independent audit authority from relevant public agencies (in accordance with SPK, BDDK, EPDK and Law on Insurance Control) in 1989 after its reorganization as a share company.

Additionally, together with the new Certified Public Accounting Law enacted in the same year, Certified Public Accounting services were started. And also Public Oversight, Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority (KGK) has an independent auditing authorization of Organizations of Public Interest (KAYİK). At 1998
UHY Uzman Sworn-in CPA and Independent Auditing INC. participate UHY International Network as a full member with a sharehold. After participation, has been serving clients at International Standards level.

Since 2013, with the purpose of growing in Turkey, 6 offices owned by 4 companies has been organised together under the name of UHY in Turkey to spread at different cities and with different related services.

With nearly 40 years of experience, customers can get quality service in a corporate structure. In this process, the corporation improved its staff and educated its employees.

It was founded as Avrupa Certified Public Accountancy LLP in 2007 to offer financial consulting, accounting and tax consulting, book keeping services to local and international clients.

The corporation became a body of UHY international with the reference of UHY Uzman Sworn-in Certified Public Accountancy in

June, 2013 and re-registered its title as UHY Denetim Certified Public Accountancy LLP. Since then serving under the name of UHY in Turkey.

Headquartered in Ankara, was established in 2000. Domestic and foreign capital companies are active in specific matters such as financial consultancy, accounting, financial consultancy, social security administration, company formation, company merger, company division, company liquidation. It continues its services with strong and experienced staff. UHY ÖZCAN & ÖZCAN CPA will continue to serve as a Certified Public Accountancy as UHY International ‘s representative in Ankara as of December, 2017.

In 2013, Certified Public Accountant Olgaç Sayoğlu started the activity in İzmir and since 2017, company is under the umbrella of UHY in Turkey which is an international network as UHY SAY Certified Public Accountancy. The main services provided are; foreign capital investment consultancy, company establishments, payroll, accounting systems installation and tax consultancy.

Incorporated in Ankara in 1997 and nowadays headquartered in Istanbul, UHY ÖZCAN & ÖZCAN Law Office provides legal consultancy on domestic and international law. Both Istanbul and Ankara offices offer legal services to private and corporate clients in various fields of law with their powerful communications, specialized attorneys, consultants and long-term professional experience. UHY ÖZCAN & ÖZCAN Law Office is specialized in following sectors: Civil law, execution and bankruptcy law, corporate consultancy, labor law and employment, energy law, mining law, infrastructural projects, intellectual property law, merger & acquisitions, health care law, real estate law, trade law & contracts law. In February 2015, to be a global company and grow internationally, they started to give services under the name of UHY ÖZCAN & ÖZCAN Law Office in cooperation with UHY in Turkey group firms by being a member of UHY International at Law Service line.